Tissue Box Transformation

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What to do with all the lovely tissue boxes we go through?

I try not to use the papers from commercial boxes for the artwork I sell – someone designed those and those companies retain the copyrights. But, they are fun to use when repurposing into work for friends and family.

I have a friend with a birthday this week and he loves fish. And, I love to give bookmarks as part of my gifts.

So, let’s make one…

1. Grab yourΒ  box of choice. Tissue, cereal? And, disassemble.

Get your Tissue Box

Get your Tissue Box - and Disassemble

2. Go to your Scrap Paper Stash and pick out a couple of pieces that go with your main Box Print. Some coordinating colors or prints.


Head to your Paper Stash

3. Cut out 3 pieces in a fun shape. Make them graduated in size – refer to the second image here.

Bookmark Cut Outs

Bookmark Cut Outs, Jennifer Ressmann

Assembled Bookmark

Assembled Bookmark Cutouts, Jennifer Ressmann

4. Then sew the two top pieces together and glue that to the bottom piece (dark color paper here).



Sewn Fish Bookmark

Sewn Fish Bookmark from Tissue Box, Jennifer Ressmann Β© 2011

5. TaDah! You’re first Tissue Paper Bookmark. Or have you done this before?! Cute!

Here’s another one in production.

This one is from other recycled paper items: an Old Shiny Silver Folder from some Junk Mail and some Old Wrapping Paper.

Fish Bookmark

Fish Bookmark - Computer Drawing with Recycled Papers

I drew the fish on the computer and printed it out. Applied some watercolors. Cut all the papers out the same way as the fish above – a rectangle this time. And, I will assemble them the same way.

Fish Bookmark 2

Fish Bookmark 2


And, the scraps? Why into a painting of course!


Recycle Paper Scraps


10 thoughts on “Tissue Box Transformation

  1. This gives me another idea…I make journals from pasta boxes because I love the little ‘window’. The tissue boxes would give the journals wonderful windows.


    • Hi Stephanie

      Yes, I’ve seen some of your journals on your blog. They are fun and inspire me – I gotta go make some. Though I don’t remember the pasta boxes – sounds interesting. And, ya, it would be a good place to use tissue boxes, too. Thanks for stoppin’ by.

  2. How cute, the little fishy! Sometimes, I get a little overwhelmed by all the scraps I keep and I pile up too much stuff that I know I could recycle one day.. and when I actually decide to throw them away, I know for sure, I could use them a week later.
    But, no I haven’t made a bookmark sign yet, good idea! Me like πŸ™‚


  3. Hey Jennifer!
    Thanks so much for entering this into the showcase! I love this idea– it’s so cute! I’ll be posting the top 10 features this Friday so I hope you’ll check back! Oh and I’d love for you to put one of our buttons within this post so that others will know you entered the showcase and can join in as well! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    -Bonnie @ Crafting a Green World

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