Goodbye Ol’ Friend

Awww, Here is my first Mac. And, here goes my first Mac… Off to be Recycled.

Apple Mac Tower

Apple Mac Tower

I bought my lovely tower in 2001! It was a fantastic computer. A Mac just can’t be beat. I had it 10 years with only one problem where I needed to call help. And, I was able to fix it myself over the phone. 50 bucks. Great computer!

I used it and used it and used it right up. It just couldn’t handle the speed we need these days. And, upgrading it is just silly. It’s best to buy new.

So, I just finished “emptying” the hard drive and I actually removed it. I will toss it in the attic – someday I will recycle that, too.

Computer Innerds

Computer Innerds

The monitor was great, too. But all wore out – and what a beast. Loved you big Sony Monitor!

Sony Monitor

And, away it goes! To the local Best Buy – where the Geek Squad will recycle it. The computer is free, the monitor is 10 bucks with a 10 dollar gift card from BB.

Recycling Computer

Recycling Computer at Best Buy, Golden, Colorado, 2011

I am excited to get some space back at my desk. So excited!

Here is a link to the Best Buy Recycling Site. Maybe there is one in your area. Or just do a search for Computer Recycling in your area.

Happy Recycling!


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ol’ Friend

  1. Wow, that must have been bittersweet. I remember my old clunker PC that kept on going and going and going until it just couldn’t take me and my unreasonable demands any longer. Now I have an iMac that I’ve also outgrown plus a PC laptop and a really big powerful notebook PC. But Macs are elegant and sleek in every way.

    • It was bittersweet (how many people take pictures with their computers!) It really sat on the edge of my desk way too long actually. Finally, it’s just in the way and it has to go.

      Sounds like you’re busy with 3 different set ups! fun!


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