My Artsy Story

My Artsy Story

Jennifer in Vail Colorado
Jennifer in Vail

I’m an Everyday Girl:

Always being drawn to the arts, I studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I graduated with honors in the spring of 1994 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography. After graduation I moved to Colorado and worked in the commercial photography and graphic design fields with many fun years freelancing and running the design department at the Sentinel & Transcript Newspapers here in Golden. I met my husband through some mutual friends and we bought a little house, got a couple of dogs and nestled ourselves in – between the Colorado Plains and the Foothills of The Rocky Mountains. With it’s gorgeous big sky sunrises and sunsets, it’s mild winters and tons of sun – Colorado is my little heaven on earth.

In 2012, through a period of grief and a life changing experience, in a flash my focus had changed and I knew it was time to create my art around this beautiful Colorado Landscape. Spending time creating art about the land I love makes for a happy and rewarding life, as well as beautiful paintings and photographs.

If you don’t find me in the studio, I’m probably out walking or painting in one of my favorite Colorado fields.

The Skinny –

• As a Fine Artist

• In Photography and Printmaking at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD)

• Have been working as an artist for almost 20 years! (holy cow – how old am I!?)

• For many years Photography and Printmaking filled my life

• In the past few years I’ve found Painting with Collage so exciting I had to explore that, too

My Art –

• Is an extension of Who I Am

• A creator and an organizer

• “My beliefs encompass all that is my work – making the world a little more beautiful with art and with clean-up!!”

• There is a lot of trash in the world. I pick it up, gather it up and use it up! Incorporating the bits of trash and recycled material into abstract photo studies as well as abstract collage and painting work. My creativity comes together with recycled and trashy materials. The bits and pieces become art & something useful and interesting again.

• I like to explore different topics and subjects of interest while adhering to my passions & focus – Colorado & Recycling

You’ll often find me:

Painting, Printing, Photographing and making other fun recycled art

• Hiking, Reading and Spending time with my Family

I am a member of:

• The Boulder County Arts Alliance

• The Colorado Horse Protection League – I wish I could do more, but I’m actually really allergic to Horses!

The Colorado Mountain Club

• And I serve on the Board at the Boulder Art Association

I live:

• In beautiful Colorado

• This is my visual journal & story

Contact Me

Thanks for Visiting!

3 thoughts on “My Artsy Story

  1. Nice blog Jenny! You should get on facebook, a ton of your old buds from your undergrad are on there waiting to re-connect! Hope you are doing well, good to see that you’re still cranking out the stuff. It’s funny you talked about ‘one discipline’ in one of your posts, the new hot major at MIAD is called ISA (Integrated Studio Arts). There is no one specific major, students just navigate a path that best suits them through all of the disciplines of Fine Art. My stuff has deviated as well – I put a link down to my youtube channel, I went over the deep end with time-based media and have gotten very involved with Opera, Film Festivals, etc., (I now sing with the Florentine Opera Co. in Milwaukee too!). Take care. Here is a recent review of some of my newer stuff –



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