Break Time

Sometimes… a girl just needs a little break.

So, I’ve taken a little time to make our new house our new little home here in Golden. Enormous amounts of painting, cleaning and fixing. And I probably could have turned rerouting our mail into a part time job.

And, now…. it’s back to work!

To Celebrate and Welcome in the Holiday Season I’m giving away a cool hand forged Star Ornament. I create them from recycled wire clothes hangers!


“Recycled Wire Hanger Holiday Star”
Jenn Ressmann, © 2013


To win your Holiday Star, leave a comment below about your favorite holiday memory or fun holiday tradition and I will hold a drawing like I have in the past! You have the week to leave a comment and the drawing will close on Friday the 13th!

Thanks for coming by and Good Luck!



4 thoughts on “Break Time

  1. These are beautiful – what a cool idea! I’m hoping my favorite holiday memories will be created this year when Eric and I have Christmas in our own place for the first time ever!

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