Apex Hiking Trail, Colorado

Happy Little Water Color of the Apex Trail here in Golden. I started this series before I got sick – now that I’m better – I better get back at it!


Apex Rabbit Brush
Β©2013 Jenn Ressmann
3.5 x 4.5 inches
$45Inquire about availability

Quick History

The trail has a fascinating history as an old toll road from the 1800. It was one of the first “roads” going into the mountains in these parts. If you hike the trail – you will see where some of the old trail is located at the beginning of the hike. Cool – love some good history.

This painting is many in a series I am doing on the trails of Colorado. Check out more of the images from this series on my website. It’s been so much fun to do the hike and paint the site! I am also reading the history and will share those books in the near future.

Been on any great hikes lately?



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