Bad Artist!

I have been a bad bad artist! Repeatedly…

First, Instead of painting landscapes or abstract work – I have been painting… my walls and trim!! I just can’t help it! It looks so much better when it’s all painted up – I can’t help myself! It must be painted!



Next, I had an Exhibit this month at the Louisville Public Library – and barely told anyone! It was going to be of my Colorado Horse Photographs, but then at the last minute we went with my Large Word Paintings.



My God Daughter and our family got to see it at least! Thanks for visiting Elizabeth and Betsy!

Finally, I have been making plans for a series of large Recycled Abstract painting series. I did do a preliminary painting to plan the series, but then I went back to my trim and walls (refer to above photos)!


Preliminary Painting Layout for Large Trashy Collage Paintings

In between I visited family and friends I hadn’t seen in a long time!
And, came home with the flu! They really gotta give that shot during the summer, too!
So, I’ve had a fantastic time, but I really got to get back to the easel!

You been screwin’ off? Let’s hear about it!!



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