Organizing Paperwork in a Few Easy Steps

I love to organize. Really. And, I find I’m pretty good at organizing stuff. If I’ve had a long day and I need to relax – I organize. It’s fun and productive and it gets ya outta your head. Sometimes I just do it for fun!

And, inspired by a friend who wants to organize, doesn’t like it so much but needs to do it – I thought I’d throw some of my organizing ideas up here.

Some of it might be a little too intense for you – but this stuff helps me with my projects – art and otherwise. It’s all about creating systems so you don’t have to start from scratch every time or wonder where stuff is. Plus, keeping the place from looking like a giant mess is always a plus! And, once it’s organized it just needs a little maintenance.

This can work with any paperwork project you might have going. Here I’ll show you an easy way I keep my recipes.

Organizing Paperwork or Recipes

You’ll need:

  • Pile of Papers
  • File Folders
  • Pencil, maybe scissors?
  • File box of some sort

Time it takes: mmm, when you have it. 10 minutes here, 15 minutes there.


1. Above you can see I have a giant pile of papers – these are clippings of recipes. You find something interesting, recipe or article, stuff it in a box or pile it up in your recipe book cabinet and a year later you think “boy, it sure would be nice if I could look through that easily and make some of those meals!”


2. I used to put them all, nicely, in a 3 ring binder. I have a small stack of these going. But, putting them together was getting to be a pain. I had too many recipes stacking up and not enough time to cut them out, tape them to paper and slide them nicely into these plastic sleeves. Yes, I used to do this. You know, during a movie in a snow storm I’d bring this project out. But, life is short and I’d rather be doing something else now.

3. So, after some thought and mentally trying out some other tricks to make this go faster – I remembered this cute little file box my Dad gave me a hundred years ago. I’ve been dragging it around ever since, knowing I could find a use for it!


It did take a couple of hours to revamp my recipes – but so much faster than the old system.

4. I put about 8 old file folders in the box. Labeled them to meet my fancy: Main Meals, Desserts, Snacks, Muffins and Breads – that kind of thing. Now when I have a recipe I can just grab it and drop it in. Or I can accumulate a little – again a little – pile, and quickly tuck them in each file.


5. From here it’s easy to plan the week or month of meals. (more on my meal planning binder in the future) Then, you just pull out the file and page through it. I love it. It’s really simple and organized. I actually love the loose papers better than the ring binder, too.

I’d love to hear if you have any paperwork organizing ideas! Please leave a comment below and we can chat!


And a little update….

Sometimes, ha! you click the wrong button and a post goes out too soon! So, the last post has been updated with some links.

Also, some pictures of the new paint job. I just feel more relaxed looking at it! Bye bye yellow and peach! Hello calming white and grey!



Call me if you’d like to come by and help paint the rest of the place. It takes about 3 whole days for one room. So I figure I can finish in a year!

Thanks for coming by and Enjoy Your Day!



2 thoughts on “Organizing Paperwork in a Few Easy Steps

  1. I was just thinking of changing the paint in the living room but I think your blog just talked me out of it! Yours looks super however. Love the gray and white

  2. Ha! Because of how long it took? Don’t let that scare you! It was all the trim that took so long – sanding and sanding, painting and painting. The walls are a snap! 2 coats and you’re done by lunch!

    Thanks – we really love it! what color are you thinking?


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