Holy Bologna!

  golden field A little view behind the new house

Well, moving as an adult is certainly more work than moving as a kid! Before this last move we had a futon and our clothes. This move – well it just never seemed to end. We think we have it all, then look in here! Our last house was small, so we created a lot of areas for storage – the garage attic, under the stairs, a shed, maybe a little under the deck, closets. Whew.

Then there is all the actual moving and then the catch up from what you didn’t get done while moving and then the catch up from what you didn’t do while you were catching up! Plus the sleep you’re missing. Whew.

We are pretty well settled in and getting back to a routine. Finding new places to walk the dogs and meeting nice new neighbors. Ahh.

And, back to some Arting, and some blogging and I look forward to checking in with fellow artists and bloggers.


I’m getting ready for a show in August – My Colorado Horse Photography is on the move and will be on display at the Public Library in Louisville Colorado!


And, I’ve been working on some more of my reclaimed metal jewelry and building on my website for that.


And, in my “spare” time – I have been painting this house! It’s all peach! Because it’s apparently 1984 still! It actually makes me uncomfortable to look at.

Hope everyone is well and having a great summer! Doing anything fun?



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