Well, I just got settled into my new studio work space and… we’re moving! We’ve actually looked for a bigger house for a few years. Last year, we pretty much gave up and decided we would just stay here and figure out how to make a small space feel bigger?

But, after I got sick, I started to feel a little… different? Not sure how to describe it, but I feel a little claustrophobic. In a home I have loved from the minute I stepped in it! I guess we’ve just out grown the space.

Here’s a shot of our current living room. It’s pretty tiny. We almost need an appointment to have more than 2 people in here at a time.


The new one (with current owners furniture)


And, I will use the “family room” as my new studio space…


I will miss my field terribly! This is what we back up to now. I’m trying not to cry!

"Back Field in July" © Jennifer Ressmann, 2003

“Back Field in July” © Jennifer Ressmann, 2003

We will be on a green belt instead with a little seasonal creek. And, there are the foothills… in the middle. It’s nice, too. I think we’ll be pretty happy there. snif. The whole thing is more “grown up”. Ha! How lame is that!?

5921-GreenBeltBetter get packin’. snif. What is my problem!?



4 thoughts on “Movin’

  1. We have a field behind our house too, with sweet potatoes this year instead of hay. Good luck with your move. It looks like you will need to do some furniture shopping with this move. Lots of new studio furniture would be nice. There is a lot of light in your new studio. North light?

    • Hi Judith
      Oh! It sounds really lovely! How fun to have different things growing! This field has alfalfa – it’s all purple in the summer! And, then they feed it to the horses.

      Yes, it will be all Northern light – what luck! And, we’ve been hitting Craigslist pretty good. It’s funny how little we’ll have to put in there. I might like it for a little while.

      Thanks! Hope you’re well Judith! 🙂

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