History of Art

The History of Art – From Ancient to Modern Times

A lovely Children’s book about Art through the times by Claudio Merlo.


Children’s books are a great way to read up on interesting topics. They can be easy and breezy – touching on aspects of fun without getting too deep into subjects. They usually have nice artwork and they cover a wide subject matter.

This one – The History of Art is a 124 page book covering Cave Art and Greek Sculptures, all the way to Chagall, Picasso and Avant-Garde. I’m still working through the middle, and we studied art history in college, but as a refresher it’s a perfect size read. And, did you know Perspective started changing the way artist portrayed their work at the beginning of the 15th century? Mosaics were big in the 13th century – lots of work in churches! And, Japanese printmaking really got going in the 17th century! Not really that long ago.

You can find a wide selection at your library or Amazon has many titles for cheap. This one is listed for only 50 cents!

And, you can get through some of them in a weekend! I do find that appealing!

Do you recommend any good children’s books? Maybe something we can read in a Saturday afternoon?!



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