Gallbladder Sludge

When you’re whisked away in an ambulance you expect your health problem to be resolved when you arrive at the hospital. Instead, you’re told your fine, your just having a random panic attack crazy lady – go home. Take drugs. You’re fine.

6 months later, endless doctors visits and nonstop tests behind you – you’re not crazy. You have Gallbladder Disease!

You thank your lucky stars – finally you have a diagnosis. Your thankful that your family continued to push you – see someone else, get another test, try something else. You’re thankful to live in a time of the internet  so you can spend every spare minute researching. You’re thankful you have a wonderful General Practitioner that didn’t listen to the specialist when they told you not to have tests done: “We are doing the Hida Scan, and if we don’t find something there – we are doing a CT scan!”

You are so grateful.

You quickly switch your diet to really low fat and notice great relief. All this time you were thinking – wheat, dairy, wheat, dairy. 6 months of what is going on?! What are you doing wrong? You’re really ill and in so much pain. You can’t just be imagining it. Or are you really loosing your mind?

You’re lucky your gallbladder is functioning at just 29% when normal is 35% and above. Some people’s gallbladders function at 8% before they know they have a problem. No stones showed up on the ultrasound – months ago – so the stones are small and sludgy. Even though Gastroenterology Specialist tell you to yank it out, a wonderful Naturopath tells you there is another option.

And, the Naturopath goes on to tell you everything you have needed to know. The Naturopath educates you. You are finally turning the corner. You are finally getting treatment and can look ahead. You can stop thinking about hospice. You can finally stop thinking you’re the crazy one. You can have your life back. Think about something else. You really can have a good life again.

You are so happy. So, so grateful you can’t really express it in words – the phone calls and the cards, the visits and love. Thank you.

And you’re, so, so relieved.

You can read more about this story in weeks to come. Gallbladder Disease is a very common condition in America. Our nutrition has changed as the world has changed – even if you eat like a superstar.  And, there are things you can do to avoid surgery. Because 30% of people that have their gallbladders removed still have trouble, still have pain. You can’t go back.



8 thoughts on “Gallbladder Sludge

  1. Jennifer! I am so sorry. What a roller coaster you’ve had to endure. I’m just so happy you’ve found the cause of the problem and an ultimate solution! My general m.o. is to stay out of doctors’ offices period. But all of us need one at some point in our lives, so I’m going to be looking for a naturopath. Had thought about it a time or two already. Now maybe you can think about the fun stuff — like your art!!

    • Hi Martha!

      After everything I’ve gone through – I am starting to think starting with a Naturopath might be best, too! He was the first person to spend anytime actually examining my abdomen area!

      I am so ready to think about fun stuff!

      Thanks for stopping by Martha – hope to catch up with your arting soon, too!

      🙂 j

  2. So very very happy you are on the right track. When you are quiet is when I worry the most! Hope you feel really great soon. Love Mom

    • Hi Judith!

      Great to hear from you! Sounds like you might know from experience. I found it odd that a second GI didn’t even think it was important to come to the office – just schedule with a surgeon. Like that’s the only trick in the bag. I’m happy to try some other options and hope for the best!

      Best Wishes Judith! :)j

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