Problem with Fines

I have a problem.

I walk into our library and it’s like walking into a candy shop! I can’t help myself and must check out as many books, videos and magazines as my arms can carry! Sometimes this gets me into trouble. Sometimes they wind up “lost” around the house and I find them buried under a pile of other books by my bedside or in our other book bin in the living  room, or… you get the idea. I used to have a special spot where I kept only library books. But, we got rid of that shelf and I am living willy nilly!

Recently, while I’ve been sick I racked up some really lovely fines. The first big fine I had – the library was kind enough to wave. This time wasn’t as bad and I feel I should just pay up.

However, this isn’t my first series of fines, by any means. I usually spend 10 bucks a month on overdue books. What is my problem?! I even have the due dates on my calendar with an alarm! Sometimes I barely even get to all the books I bring home! They looked so pretty on the shelf!!

So, to rein in my problem I have decided to take a more serious tactic – start limiting how many books, videos and magazines I check out. 2 each. Gulp. That’s pretty serious.

Think I can handle it? I’m not sure. I will try really hard.
I dream of a month without Library fees!!
ohhh, how lovely!!

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Problem with Fines

  1. Hi Stephanie!

    You know – I do that, too. I have asked them “you think I can write this off on my taxes?” ha! no! 🙂

    I would love to paint with you girls! (I do wish you were closer – wink wink) 🙂 I’ll continue to follow your group blog and see what you’re up to!

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