Summertime In Colorado

What a fantastic Summer! Did you enjoy the warm morning breezes, fun times swimming & boating, walks along your favorite hangouts? Time with Family & Friends in the great outdoors? And, remember all the wonderful grilling and cooked corn?

One of my absolute favorite things to do is have my breakfast on the back deck with my doggie! Ahh, the time of day when it’s just starting to warm up, the sun – just starting to come up. Sometimes, I just enjoy the scenery, sometimes I read a good book. I could sit here all day – but I must pry myself away. (Good thing I don’t have a rocking chair out there!)

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Tell us what fun, summer stuff you did!



2 thoughts on “Summertime In Colorado

  1. Turns out a fun summer thing I did was to hang out on your back deck, while you made us a perfect dinner. In fact, I think I was sitting in the exact spot you took your photo from!
    I truly love you, your great work space, and the things you create there. “When I create-I discover the world and my life is full and happy”…perfectly said. And I saw it. Thank you for sharing. And speaking of sharing, I can’t wait for my prize. And I’ll need a pair of earrings to match my necklace… πŸ™‚
    Now I’m going to do another fun summer thing…check on our community garden space and see what’s happening with our basil and tomatoes!

  2. It was such a great surprise to have the 2 of you visit! I am such a lucky girl! I could spend all day there if I had the chance. Today I had to sit at the window and have my breakfast. It’s gotten pretty chilly early in the morning.

    I have been working on some recycled earrings since you left! You’ll have to send me a pic of you wearing your new necklace!

    Your cards are on there way! The gift packet has some pretty fun images in it!

    I love you too. Missing you terribly! xo

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