Antique Oil Can

Just Screwin’ Around!

Like a singer or musician – visual artist like to warm-up, too.

I bought these cute little antique oil cans at a rummage sale a number of years ago. And, this one found it’s way into a photo or two. A little digital sketching gets me in the mood to do some more arting! So, it’s a studio morning and I off…

the original before a little digital sketching…. it’s a cute little piece…

I highly recommend a good warm-up before you get working!

I am working on some more landscapes. This is my first day back with my little Colorado Landscapes – I’m excited and inspired.

And, putting together Melissa’s Greeting Card Sampler! The Big Winner from this week! Congrats and thanks for playin’!

It’s chilly in Colorado this morning – so we’ll go for our walk this afternoon. Burr!

What are you up to today?!



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