Writing Thank You Notes

We just wanted to do one last thank you!

It’s been about 7 weeks since our big guy passed away. It feels like much longer. And, we want to thank everyone who was so gracious in their time – listening as we go on and on. Coming by, sending such sweet cards and all the kind words of support. Thank You. We were a mess and couldn’t have done it without all the love.

We were really naive – we had no idea how hard it would hit us when he moved on. We always talked about how he would be “going off to college”. But, he never comes to visit – that’s weird. That he’ll never ever come back. ever. What’s up with that?

So, we are moving on – cuz that’s what living creatures do. And, we must be a little crazy, cuz we are actually thinking about getting another Great Dane. The next one has to love hiking, camping, going on walks and rides in the car. We must be crazy! And, I should stop listening to country music when I talk about sad stuff. sniff.



2 thoughts on “Writing Thank You Notes

  1. Honey would have been 16 today. Believe me, I know how you feel. Honey died three years ago next week. Hope you have a LOT OF TIME & ENERGY for a new dog. Man, I sure forgot what it was like to train a puppy but she is perfect now.

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