Colorado Water

Water is a big deal here in the West.

It’s dry out here – that’s just a fact in Colorado. And, it really makes you pay attention to water: rain and weather, what you do with your house water, where your water comes from and where it’s goin’! (I think I hear thunder even as I’m writing this!)

We’re always looking for more ways to conserve.  So, every spring we haul out the water collection bin for the deck. We keep it right outside the kitchen door and pour out the dog water/coffee/undrunk water throughout the day. Then we use it to water our flowers. And, it usually waters our deck flowers every day and I don’t need to use fresh very often. It’s really amazing how much water we put down the drain in the winter when we don’t collect it like this.

(Sure could use a cleanin’, too!) And, I would love to figure out how to collect the water during the winter. I do a little indoor watering, but we don’t have a lot of indoor plants.

And, here’s a nice long list of 100 other ways to save water. I don’t agree with all of them, but many others are a good thought.

Any thoughts on what I should do with that water in the winter? Do you do anything special at your house to conserve water? Leave your comment!



2 thoughts on “Colorado Water

  1. We do a lot of these things to save water. We have a rain barrel to catch the water off our roof. Never water vegtables with this water though. Many roofs contain asbestos. Also, make sure water is not accessable to pets.

  2. Hi Mom –

    You’re lucky. It’s illegal still in Colorado to capture your own water off the roof! How crazy is that? Someone has been trying to change that. Ah, yes, didn’t think of the asbestos.


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