Podcast Listening

I listen to a lot of podcasts. And, I just thought I would name a few of my favorites here… (with my orange – have ya seen this one?)

"Recycled Orange", © Jennifer Ressmann, 2010

Trashy Orange
5 x8
© Jennifer Ressmann, 2010
NFS – a favorite and it hangs in my kitchen!
Ironically, I can’t eat oranges or citrus much anymore.


America’s Test Kitchen – I’m so excited that they are now playing on my ipod. I love them on PBS and Cook’s Illustrated. If you love cooking combined with a little science – you’ll love these guys!

Marketplace and Marketplace Money from American Public Media – Ah, now this is news and great info on making the most of your money!

Answer Me This – They’re British and really stinkin’ funny. Nuf said.

The Daily Boost with Scott Smith – He has great insight and positive motivating podcasts.

And more funny with The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian! Ah – funny lady!

These are just a very few – as you can see from the top of the alphabetical list. I’ll list more into the future.

They can all be downloaded from i-tunes! Fun!

Do you have any good podcasts we can check out?



4 thoughts on “Podcast Listening

  1. Yes, America’s Test Kitchen! Good stuff. I always enjoyed Two Fat Ladies, too.

    Like the orange too. I don’t know if it was intended or not but it almost has the feel of seeing it through a pane of glass.

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