Colorado Landscape Painting

For the past week, I was delighted to have my good friend Karen in town to stay with me! We had so much fun – I am so lucky she could come out! We spent the week hiking and playing, catching up on girl talk and just hanging out. Ah, how delightful. It was so so great to spend some time together! She lives in Oregon now and I miss her.

Colorado Field #7

2.5 x 3.5
© Ressmann

After a little time off to visit, it’s back to work – on The Great Colorado Landscaping Adventure of 2012! The image above is another mini painting of the pond nearby. This area gives endless inspiration, but right now it’s spring and it seems quite busy with assorted types of ducks and a lovely crane was visiting. Or was it a heron? He was a surprise to see – really big and beautiful. A pretty light gray. So, we might stay away from there for a week or so – give them some privacy.

**You’ll also notice some vertical lines in these mini paintings. I used an inexpensive large brush to apply the gesso – it gives it a bit of a canvas feel.

And, I work at developing my own style. I’ve started working on 6 x 6 panels and am really loving that. My work is better and a style seems to have emerged. I will share those next week.

Thursday afternoon I have plans to start painting the county parks around here. I made a booklet with all the parks and trails noted and I want to get to them all. Oh, yeah, small goal. I wonder if I can finish by the end of summer?

Hope you had a nice Easter Weekend! Did you get out and enjoy your beautiful landscape?



4 thoughts on “Colorado Landscape Painting

  1. I really enjoy the texture of these paintings. I’m painting on red rosin paper….lots of gesso and texture paint first.

    Enjoy! this glorious weather!

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