Lactose Intolerance


Colorado Backyard, April 2011 © Jennifer Ressmann

Colorado Backyard © Jennifer Ressmann

So, I have developed a bit of intolerance to lactose over the last few years. It’s very unpleasant – you get dizzy, headaches, nauseous, often throwing up, on top of other unmentionables. You really feel ill very quickly.

Yesterday I needed something more serious for my allergies so I took a generic antihistamine. Whoops – it had lactose in it. I can’t believe how awful it made me feel. Like I was going to jump out of my skin and throw up at the same time.

After recovering, maybe an hour or so later, you start to feel normal again. You actually feel really happy – because  2 seconds ago it was the pits and now the valve is shut off and your normal again. It doesn’t linger. It’s very to the point and then done. At the same time, it can really catch you – I didn’t even think to look at the ingredients list in the allergy meds. Controlling this condition is new to me – I will need to be more diligent. They should probably start putting lactose free on labels now, too! They do make the medicine in a gel form.

And, I found an interesting book Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet by Elaine Gloria Gottschall. She talks about the Biological Diet for humans and of course how we eat outside of what is healthy for a human. I’m off to the library today to get it.

And, we have a lovely bit of snow! Yeay – bye bye wildfires!



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