Colorado Hiking


We have had some really warm weather here in Colorado!

It’s really a bit unusual – guessing it’s the ol’ climate change? Usually March is our snowiest month and it has been dry and sunny, warm and a bit firey. Apparently it’s the driest March on record!? Wow. Even drier than last year during the big wildfire in Golden.

I grew up in the Midwest – where tornadoes were common all summer long. In Colorado, we have wildfires. It’s taken some “getting used to”. But, it’s still pretty nerve wracking. The other night I drove home and saw/smelled smoke. You always stop and look around – I think someone was grilling – ha! The neighbor had their sprinklers going during a high wind – looked like smoke on the other side of the fence – whoops! Fires can pop-up out of no where, and during a dry spell, we’re all on alert!

We’re also really lucky to live in such a beautiful place. And, went on a little hike this weekend to enjoy the hot weather. Here we are in Boulder County – just up the road. There is a lot of great hiking – anytime of the year!

Tomorrow – it supposed to snow. Good thing I didn’t put the shovel away yet!

What did you do this weekend? How’s the weather?



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