Colorado Mountains

Colorado Field #5
2″ x 3″
Acrylic on Board


So, I really want to be a good landscape painter. The theory is to paint about 500 paintings to really master the craft. While, this isn’t my 5th landscape all together – it might be #35 in the whole scheme of things. 🙂

I am painting almost every day! If I can’t paint on a Tuesday, I make sure to get in the studio on the weekend. It’s a lot of fun – the landscapes I am working on are of places I love to be and now love to paint. And, I enjoy painting alla prima – coming out of the studio with a piece completed is very rewarding!  It can also be work – the piece above isn’t my favorite, but it’s ok. And, I am reading a lot and looking at a lot of other artists work – and as I learn – I apply the techniques. So, the next paintings get better.

The plan is to focus on this as intensely as I can – for one year. Then evaluate.

When you really work in one direction, you have to pass up other ideas. That’s hard. The wind has always guided me when it came to art. I just saw a recycled paper piece at the Art Students League of Denver website by artist Michael Gadlin. It reminded me of a recycled piece I wanted to do. A piece I put on hold to work on The Landscape Project of 2012. 🙂

It’s hard to stay the course sometimes. Even when you know it’s the right way to go.

Thanks for coming by! Anything you’re working on that you’d like to share?!


One thought on “Colorado Mountains

  1. I think you are doing just fine. Here’s something I observed John Sorbie [CSU] doing:
    … he used oil pastels but made them “liquid” by rubbing Bestine rubber cement thinner
    into the work for blends … the oil pastels have this very saturated color that blends really
    well … and you don’t have to worry about your work drying out and then you can’t
    modify anything. Said another way … you can come back at a later time and keep working.
    Use illustration board [H.R. Meininger Co, Denver] … many colors of board … the solvent
    drys out cause of the boards “porosity”. When done with everything … fix work with Krylon
    Matte Fixative. Me?”: …. I build jewelry everyday … it takes 500+ … keep going …. do more that
    2 per day sometimes. Yes, contact me for marketing ideas. Email:
    …. we are in Denver area.

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