Colorado Landscape

Colorado Field #3
16″ x 16″, Acrylic on Canvas
© Jenn Ressmann, 2012
Private Collection

Stephanie asked me if I painted larger.

I absolutely do! “Colorado Field #3” is a Landscape painting of a local field I walk by almost everyday. Here is the photo I used as a reference.

Colorado Field Reference Photo

I look forward to painting a lot from this area. And, while I work mainly in Acrylics, I bought some retarder to keep the paints wet longer so I can paint en plein aire! Yeay!


6 thoughts on “Colorado Landscape

  1. Jen, I adore this painting. I love how you’ve interpreted the movement in the clouds, as well as the paint strokes. (I’m a sucker for tactile painting.)
    I really like and admire the direction you are painting – it shows that you are doing what you love.


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