Golden, Colorado Landscape

I’d like to expand on my landscape paintings. I started a few many years ago, and I’d really like to add to them – basing them on my surroundings. Spending time in the environment I love so much.

Across the way, about a mile from where we live, there is a beautiful farm, with maybe 3000+ acres. It’s been in their family for many years and they have decided to sell. If it works as they’ve planned, it will be developed with houses and businesses. Personally, I think, it will ruin the local feel of our area. But, I can’t blame them. Land is worth a lot around here – I’m sure they will sell and retire a happy existence.

Here is one of the small ones I did this week. It’s based on this farm area here in Golden, Colorado.

Golden Farm
6 x 6, Colorado, 2012
© Jenn Ressmann

While it is still wide open and unoccupied by much, I want to make sure to photograph it and paint it often. Capture it as it will never be again. Or, Maybe the county will buy it and keep it as open space. We have our fingers crossed!



3 thoughts on “Golden, Colorado Landscape

  1. It’s sad on many levels…that a family farm should have to sell rather than keep the land in the family and working it. I agree though they should be able to be very comfortable in their retirement. I hope the county purchases it both at a fair price to them and for you and your neighbors.

    lovely painting…have you ever painted BIG?

  2. Hi Stephanie – yes, I wonder if that’s how they feel. From the outside they look like business people taking advantage of an opportunity. I honestly didn’t even think about whether they needed to sell.

  3. Not as bad as the farmer selling to the city who decides to put a 70 foot sports dome on it which you can see from your windows. ugh

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