This Morning

Red White and Blue Potato Bag Copyright 2009, Jennifer RessmannRed White and Blue Potato Bag
© 2009, 2.5″ x 3″

Hello Everyone! I have been workin’ hard to wittle away at my goals from my last post. And, I’m making some good progress. Yeay!

1. I painted my studio workroom furniture – a nice soothing ivory color.

2. I found another work table – hoping we can trim it down to size today and fit it.

3. Cleaned up a lot of the clutter and did some serious organizing/tossing.

Today I need to do some labeling, fit that work table and clean up from that, and take some pictures to post! Then, I just have some little odds and ends to do – they can fit in during the week.

And, this week I still need to wrap up my yearly art goals and organize my blog for the year!

It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Colorado. Yesterday was really cold – it must have been humid – we did get a dusting of snow. Looking forward to my morning walk!


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