Like I said Earlier…

"Lain" © 2009, Jennifer Ressmann

“Lain” © 2009, 2.5″ x 3″

I’ve been getting busy. But, I forgot to note a couple of items on my goal list that are big projects. How did I forget these?! Hello!

1. Clean-up & Organize Studio Space tighter. I have a lot of stuff in my workroom. Much of my Art revolves materials and not really subject matter or one medium. So… lots of materials. Since I moved into my new space on the other side of the house last year it’s really just been “make-do” – with lots of other stuff going on, projects to complete. Now I have to make the time – I can’t stand the clutter any longer. It’s hard for me to concentrate when I feel like I should be tidying up!

2. Paint studio furniture. I am tired of the dark wood – so that will go bye bye.

3. Need another work table. I’m going to use an old door slab with saw horses. These items make a great, inexpensive table. I will skirt it and put a shelf under the table portion. This will be where I can store my finished work. Oh, gosh, I can’t wait! A space just to store finished work! Wow! **I just have to note, my husband is so wonderful to let me take over this space! For years, you carve out a little nook where ever you are, so you can work, and then some day… you get a full studio space with 4 work tables and storage! Oh My – I think I might be living the dream!

4. Change this blog look. I have been considering combining my website & blog into one. I’ve been hammering away at that! This might take more time than I think.

So, some big stuff I didn’t add to my list. And, they really need to come before I do anything else. And, I am also wrapping up my Artwork Project List – so very many many ideas and plans. This is my first year doing the yearly plan/goal list this way. Next year I will start earlier and have a better idea what I’m doing – so it should go faster. Plus, I’m sure I will have way more on my list this year, so I can roll over what I don’t finish.

I hope to be done with the organizing and clean up by the beginning of next week and I will show off the progress.

So, how’s your new year coming? Hope it’s starting out right! Did you make your goal lists? Excited?!


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