Getting Busy

Green Apple“Green Apple” © Jenn Ressmann, Trashy Produce Series

Ahh, the New Year!

In the last post I talked about making goals and plans for the future. And, I thought I would list what some of mine will be for 2012.

I always seem to think I can get way more done than is possible – so my list for one year might fit better into a couple of years – but I’m hopeful! I broke down how many hours I would have each week/month to accomplish this and it should come out to be about a part-time gig.

Here’s the Big Picture – I want to Create a life (mine) as a full time, self-sustaining, fine artist.

This year I would like to do all of these things below (and more). This is just a brief overview.

I need to:

  • work on my portfolio – both digital and physical
  • create a press packet
  • locate more/better venues and approach them
  • locate more/better online venues for sales
  • get better at my ongoing stuff: newsletter, blogging, other social media, grants committee work, website and mailing lists

I am still finalizing my studio goals, but they go something like this:

  • Get better and better / more advanced at digital and photoshop skills. While I’ve worked in this area a long time – I could be a better printer and color reproducer. It’s quite boring to me, but I should spend some time with the subject.


I’d like to expand on the 2 series I am already working in: Art for the Recycling Heart and Something About Colorado through:

  • YouTube video demos
  • Through a list of what I’d like to learn I will acquire some books and study!


And, I am changing up my blog and website – gotta get more streamlined and clean.

Are you making plans? or do you like to wing it better?


4 thoughts on “Getting Busy

    • Hi Rachael!
      You know – it can really help pull your big goal together and give you a sense of direction and motivation. I’m excited to start my year out like this.

      Good luck with yours! Happy New Year!

  1. Jenn, first let me thank you for the Christmas card. The design of it is great, so I have spent a lot of time admiring it. Is this one of your own horses?

    I am still working on my list of what I have accomplished in 2011. Once I finish that I will write the goals for the new year. Every year I create new monthly and yearly goals. I am sorta like you with goals, but I describe it a little differently. The way I describe my process is that my goals for January usually take the whole year to accomplish!

    • HI Judith – Thank you so much. You know, I don’t have horses. I’m actually allergic! We do have them all around the area we live in however, and I love to hang out with them – take their portait! I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

      Yes! Funny how it works out that way. It never seems like too much when it’s only on paper! Best Wishes for your New Year and your New Goals! 🙂

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