Happy Holidays and some history!

Big Nose Holidays“Big Nose Holidays”, © Jenn Ressmann, 2011

It’s been an eventful year!

This has been my first full year working my fine art career with earnest. Most of my artistic career was spent in the commercial arena – I started out as a photography assistant and worked many years as a teacher,  freelancer photographer and a stringer for the local newspaper. When I got married and wanted less weekend work I moved into the graphic design world. After about 10 years in that field I needed a break. Being creative on demand can be pretty exhausting. Exhilarating, exciting, fun, and… exhausting. It’s business, not hobby. I loved it. But after a long time working this way, I needed a break and I needed a change.

Now I’m focusing on my fine art. I went to art school, and throughout my life I have shown some and always did art. But, last year I moved this into the forefront of my life. It’s really important to me and I’m not going to look back when I’m 90 and say I wished I would have done this.

This past year was a mish-mash of “stuff”. Really just getting my feet wet, focusing and learning.

Next year, I will step it up again. Lots of goals to work on! Lots of fun. Lots of excitement!

Happy Holidays!

**(the guy above is from my holiday card this year! If you didn’t get one yet, please, email me with your address to sign up for my snail-mail list and I will pop one in the mail to you!)


4 thoughts on “Happy Holidays and some history!

  1. Happy holidays to you Jenn. I love the card, and I am looking forward to getting the real thing any day now.

    I know I have found the Artist Conspiracy to be very inspirational. It has truly changed the way I think about myself as an artist, and the way I think about my work and my business. All are much imporved even though life has been hectic at times.

    How about you? Has the Artist Conspiracy helped you make the change from commercial to fine art this year?

    • Hi Judith!

      You should see your card soon! I sent so many this year I needed to make a second batch!

      Well, you really look like you’ve got it together and have many successes under you artist belt! Your site looks great (as well as your work!)

      You know, I went to Art School to be an artist, so I have practiced that for almost 20 years! ahh! And, I sort of just wound up in the commercial arena naturally. Jobs opened up and I heard about them, so I would apply. I did a lot of freelance photography. And, then I thought graphic design & computer work was really fun, so I moved into that. All the while I always created fine art photography, taught and showed. Now I am steppin’ it up!

      I was already a fan of Alyson’s – The Art Biz Coach – so when she started The Conspiracy I knew I needed to be part of a group of serious artists of our time! Sure has been helpful to learn what the rest of you are up to!

      Best Wishes!

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