Holiday Cards!

Every year I make my holiday card. It’s my signature petite sized card with a piece of my work on the front. Really fun to design and create. I start early, sometimes the year before. I change it a few times and finally decide on just the right one! ehem, sometimes just in the nick of time to get them mailed to my friends and family! And, that means you! Join my snail mail list – drop me a quick email with your address and I will pop a holiday card in the mail to you, too! Happy Holidays!

Cutting CardsCutting Cards

Folding CardsFolding Cards

** your info will never be shared or sold. Promise!**


4 thoughts on “Holiday Cards!

  1. You didn’t let us see the card. I am disappointed.

    Jenn, do you realize that when I get your newsletter the only thing that shows up is ‘WordPress’, so I don’t know it is a newsletter and I know know who has sent it unless I open it. I don’t open much with the title ‘WordPress’, so its difficult to receive your newsletters.

    • Hi Judith! Thank you so much for the helpful comment! I love these!

      First, I don’t want to show off the ol’ Holiday Card for a bit – it might ruin the fun of getting it in the mail!

      And, Second, the newsletter tid bit is so helpful. I have it sent to my inbox and it says it’s Jenn Ressmann’s Newsletter. Hmmm. I will look into it and hope I can fix it. Actually, I don’t even know how that would happen – I send my newsletter from MailChimp. Do you mean this post?

      Thanks again Judith!
      PS – if you want to email me with your address – I’d love to include you in the holiday card mailing!

      • Jenn, I”d love to get a card, so I sent you my address by email, but the email link didn’t work. I got one of those Mail System Failure notices. I am not having good luck today. I will find another way to get your email address, but I think you might want to know what happened.

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