Learning Through Reading

Fill your Oil Paintings with Light and Color, Kevin Macpherson

"Fill your Oil Paintings with Light and Color", Kevin Macpherson

** Whoops – I apologize for the duplicate post of this topic last week!! This is a much better write up – hope you too will enjoy!**

I have been reading this great painting book:

Fill your Oil Paintings with Light and Color by Kevin Macpherson. I really want to paint more outdoors and more of the Colorado Landscape! (I have been taking notes on this, too. I’ve been organizing them a little differently than I usually do. I’ll talk more about that some other time.)

This book is nicely written with lots of great color illustrations. Macpherson introduces the book with some of his artistic history – most of us think that’s super fun to read about. He’s one of the founders of the Plein Air Painters of America!

Then, he goes into depth about materials and what to take when your going to paint outdoors – Plein Air. Lots of good suggestions – I wouldn’t have thought of Baby Wipes until I was knee deep in a mess – “wish I had some baby wipes!”

And, he includes some good exercises – so you’ll want to make sure and take advantage of these!

I am in the middle of the book and starting to read about Simplifying Shapes in a Painting. He’s already covered “Seeing Color Accurately”,  “Mixing Paint Colors” and “The Light and Shadow Family” – understanding light and shade. From here he will talk about Still Life Painting and Indoor work, then we move to Outdoor Painting.

If you’re interested in a looser type of painting and focusing on shapes and color more than on refined detail – check out this book! I’m really enjoying it.

Two other Painting books on my list:

Landscape Painting – Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice” by Mitchell Albala, and

The Acrylic Painter’s Book of Styles and Techniques” 7 successful artist show you how to Master the versatility of Acrylics, by Rachel Rubin Wolf.

So excited to get into those, too. And, I’ll let you know how they are!

Anyone read any of these? Or recommend any others they’ve enjoyed?
Would love to hear from you! Leave a quick comment below!



2 thoughts on “Learning Through Reading

  1. I love the book, Jennifer. It keeps nudging me to get out there and try it! My first attempt was one month ago, but I wasn’t yet fully equipped. I took watercolor pencils and a tiny little water container and a brush. It worked really well, but I want to do the real thing!

    I really do subscribe to the philosophy that less is more. Working outdoors should be a great way to learn it well.

    Thanks for the links to those other two. I’ll check them out.

    • Hi Martha
      It looks like so much fun, doesn’t it? I love to hike and be outside in general – so being able to do some art out there would be great! I remember when you did some outdoorsy stuff. Very different from your collaging. Fun to mix it up and learn new stuff.

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