Etsy Shop Set Up!

I have also been working hard on my Etsy Store research!

Selling on Etsy Notes

Selling on Etsy Notes, Jennifer Ressmann

While I “started” my shop at the end of ’09 – it hasn’t been a top priority. It does require a bunch of work – and I’ve been focusing on some other areas of my art business.

Now it has come to the top of the pile and I’m really excited! I get requests to buy products and artwork and really soon I will have somewhere to refer my collectors! Yeay! Yeay!

So, I have been doing a bunch of Etsy How-To Research. Stuff like: How to Set Up the Etsy Shop, How To List and Title and the biggy – Shipping! This is quite a bit of work – that shipping.

With all the reading – I have a lot of notes – a lot. I have been reading and consolidating them so I can use them as a resource later. I have about 19 pages! (That’s consolidated.)

And, of course the reading and researching will always continue, but I am almost ready to start stocking my store. Take a quick sneak peak! And, I’d love to hear what you think? Anything you might recommend or change? Thanks!

*Also, If you’d like a copy of my notes – I’m happy to send them on to ya. Just drop me a comment here.


5 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Set Up!

  1. Congratulations on all your hard work getting your shop ready to go! Looks very professional.

    I love the Kevin Macpherson book – bought it maybe four years ago. If I painted outdoors on a regular basis, that is the loose but concise kind of style I would love to achieve. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Ladies. Thanks for taking a quick peak and the kind words! I look forward to getting more of my work up there! I do worry a little about the date still being 2009. Since I didn’t use the shop it looks a little odd without any sales for that long. Hmmm, wondering if I should set up a whole new shop.

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