They’re Back Home


"Prodigious", © Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

This Painting Available for You!
A deep canvas finished on the sides ready for hanging! Easy Peasy!
30″ x 12″ x 2″ – $345
Just Email Me and it’s yours! ~sniff (I love this painting!)
It has an award under it’s belt, too!

Hello Friendlies! How’s your day?!

I can’t believe it but, it’s been a couple of months already and my Large Trashy Paintings are back home from their show at ESource Boulder. Thanks ESource!

I had to bring them home in the beginning of our second snow storm of the season. (already! what is going on over here!!) Running and quick movements were involved, when I unloaded them from the car, to avoid getting anything wet.

I really love these paintings and everyone that sees them seems to love them as well. (now, if they would like to start collecting them – I would be really tickled!)


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