Attended Alyson’s Workshop

"Trashy Pear", ©Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

"Trashy Pear", ©Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

We all know and love Alyson B. Stanfield – The Art Biz Coach! And, if you haven’t taken a class with her – you’re missing out. You’ll get so much great info, with the added bonus of meeting and hanging out with tons of other great artists and art professionals! I can’t tell you how much fun we all had – learning, laughing, sharing. Tons of fun. And, Alyson doesn’t just hold a class and send you on your way. For the class I took this past weekend, she also organized little get togethers for attendees to gather and exchange ideas in the evenings. Really, lots of fun.

Her classes and events are fantastic opportunities – so make sure you sign up for at least one a year to keep up to date.

I also belong to the Conspiracy run by Alyson, so if you aren’t a member, and you’re in the arts, you should sign up!

These are some of the fantastic artists and creative business people I met this past weekend (These workshops are for everyone in the arts). And, many more artists attended that I wish I could have chatted with – I better take another workshop.

Nancy Taylor Mason

Liza Myers

Liz Iracki

Beth J. Hayden

Nanci Erskine

Rose Marie Mercado

Barbara Gilhooly

Alix Christian

Beverly Endsley

Gail Frasier

Karina Zedalis

Wendy Gill Art

Janice McDonald

Lisa Call

Cynthia Morris

Carol McIntyre

Laura Tyler

And, a couple others I met and, sadly, didn’t get their info. See you next time!

**Thanks everyone for such a great time and a great exchange of information and experiences. Best Wishes to all of you – looking forward to chatting it up again soon!**


8 thoughts on “Attended Alyson’s Workshop

  1. Yes! Alyson puts on fabulous workshops! I attended one in Golden a while back and am still benefitting from the experience. I so wish I could have attended this one. Would love to have met you and the other attendees.

    • Hi Deb!

      Hopefully she will do another one here next year!
      I really thought I would run into you. Ha! I asked another Deb if her last name was Trotter. She looked a lot like you!

      How are you feeling? Hope you’re having a nice Fall Season!


  2. Thanks for the info here…I’ve never taken one of her classes but looks like it was wonderful. I know Alix…I’m sure I would have gotten a lot of great info. I’ll bookmark it and look for another opportunity!


  3. Attending one of Alyson’s workshops was one of the best things I have ever done. Came out of it inspired to totally redesign and update my website. The one I attended was local to where I was living at the time. It also afforded me the opportunity to meet and become friends with our fellow conspirator, the very talented Liz Crain.

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