Kidding Yourself

"Kidding Yourself" © 2010, Jennifer Ressmann

I love this painting! Maybe you’d like it too? (sure makes up for the crumminess below)
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So, yesterday was the 5th time since June that I’ve been cheated and swindled from commitments I’ve made with others. Cheated & swindled out of my valuable time. Putting classes together, putting shows together all takes a lot of time. Plus setting aside the time to actually do the class or hang the show. Not to mention the other opportunities missed because of the commitment I’ve made to another. I’m hoping it’s nothing personal – and I hear it’s happened to others by the same organizations. But, I’m tired. Tired of stepping up and being professional just to have people back out the day of the event or even stop events midstream. Tired of really taking something seriously, and the other party taking it lightly. Tired of not mattering. Tired of it.

I turned a certain age this year and all of a sudden I felt like my time was even more valuable than it was before, which I always thought was the greatest asset we have as humans. Every moment has to count now – life is so short and so valuable. If I’m going to be in an industry that just squanders it, I’m not sure I want to be part of it anymore.

I deserve to be treated better. We all do. A lot of things make me happy, maybe I should be doing some of those things instead?

Here’s a list of stuff I could have been doing that I put aside so I could either teach or have shows (that went no where after they were in motion)…

1. Spend time with Family & Friends

2. Travel – even just around my state

3. Go Hiking – farther than the trails out back

4. I’d like to learn how to sail!

5. Working on house projects – I really enjoy keeping house and have many projects on the back burner

6. Biking

7. Swimming

8. Reading a good book. When was the last time I finished a novel and not a “how to something related to art or marketing book”?

9. Cook better. This has really taken a back seat. Yesterday I made a lovely dinner – started cooking with winter root veggies and was delighted with the results. Delighted.

10. Make Art!

11. Volunteer

12. Boy, the possibilities are really endless.

I always felt one of my talents were in making things. Making artwork. Creating and building on ideas. Making pretty things. But, I can’t force other people to meet their commitments and if I stick around and continue to think people are interested in doing that – I think I would be kidding myself and wasting my life away. I want to look back on my life and be happy with my choices and the things I did with the time I was given.

So, on that note, I’m taking a little break from teaching and am considering some other venue options for 2012.

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Charles Darwin (well, maybe that’s a little extreme)

😉 Thanks for your time! Enjoy your day!


8 thoughts on “Tired

  1. It really hurts when your commitment isn’t shared by others who control parts of the process. It’s therapeutic to just unplug and do one of those things on your excellent list! A change of focus can do wonders.

    I remember a few years ago when it hit me how short life really is. I became intolerant of standing in lines, holding on the phone for more than 3 minutes, and sitting in traffic. Instead of getting all worked up about it, I became better and better at avoiding them.

    I love your painting!

    • Hi Martha!
      Yes, that’s exactly how I’m feeling – like just avoiding those types of situations. I can’t control other people – nor do I want to. But, I feel like a chump for putting up with it any longer. Now, how do I find venues that meet their obligations more often than not? hmmm.

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I agree just take one or two of the things from your list: it’ll give you a much needed boost and it’s something that I do when this kind of thing happens. Like you say life’s too short to be messed around by others.
    It’s just a case of finding the right venues and venues that have the same level of proffessionalism as you: I’m sure it’ll happen!!

  3. Hey Jennifer- good to meet you at Alyson’s marathon SM weekend.
    A few words come to mind that you didn’t mention in your post about things going sour. * Get it in writing.* Perhaps when you organize your next workshop/exhibit/whatever and it is in a non-traditional or more relaxed environment, you could come in with a contract drawn up.
    That will truly send the professional signal, and give them pause if they are likely to flake out or back out. Just roll with it kiddo. Says more about others than it does about you.

    • Hi Nanci!

      It was great to meet you, too! I hope we can keep in touch.

      Thanks for the tips – most everything is already in writing. To be honest – it’s nothing new. You know, stuff falls through. But, boy – so many in a row and in a small amount of time. Tires a girl out.

      But, I am feeling so much better this week. Everyone has been so generous with their comments and kind words.

      Thanks again Nanci! And, for popping by!

  4. Oh no! There will always be setbacks but you have to perservere my friend. You have done so much and come so far and these are the things that will make you stronger. Don’t let the bad guys bring you down. I have a nice quote on my fridge for you:How to Handle Stress Like a Dog: If you can’t eat it or play with it, then pee on it and walk away. 🙂 hehe. Just pee on those bleeps and move on.

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