Art Show Prep

Jennifer Ressmann Photography Show

Jennifer Ressmann Photography Show, Louisville, CO 2011

My Fall Season entails 3 solo art showings in the Boulder, Colorado area. Two I am showing photographs at and the third I currently have my large paintings hanging at. Putting shows together requires, well, a lot of work. It’s one thing to just get your work together: printing photos or finishing any last minute painting along with framing as necessary and of course, choosing which pieces to actually put in the show, and remember the hanging of the work and removal at the end.

Once the prep of the art is ready and complete, there is a bunch of office work to do – The Marketing and Paperwork. It’s important to let everyone know that you have a show coming up and how they can come and see it! Plus, there are the printed pieces to have for the show display and any postcards/business cards you need. My show stuff finally looks consistent – that took a while and some tinkering – what do you think?

Show Materials, Jennifer Ressmann 2011

To keep on track and not forget anything, it’s good to keep a list of what you need to take care of. Here’s mine…

Show Prep

  • Any finish work on paintings/photos
  • Any revisions of Artist Statement/Bio – Print as necessary
  • Make Up Labels – Print as necessary
  • Business Cards – Print as necessary
  • Design Postcards – Print as necessary
  • Newsletter/Email Announcement
  • Blog Post
  • Give Away
  • Notify:
    Organization(s) Newsletters
    Alma Mater Newsletter
    Venues Newsletter – ??
    List on Blog/Web Site Show Page
  • Tell anyone else that will listen. 🙂 Maybe make up some tshirts with the date on it.

This can, of course, be added to as more ideas come up. And, I didn’t accomplish each one for these for these shows this year. I am aiming to do the whole list for my shows next year, but I still need to make a separate blog/web page to house my shows, and create some interesting press releases, etc. It takes time.

While I worked at it as I had the time, every task could easily be added to your calendar to keep it moving!

Anyone have any other ideas to add to this? Any other suggestions to make it a good show?!


Come and see what I’m showing this Fall Season…


"Prodigious", © Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

** Winner – September Boulder Art Association Mini Show **

My Large Trashy Paintings

This series is on large canvas – 12 x 30 x 2
Each canvas is a deep profile and doesn’t require a frame – ready to hang!
Acrylic & Mixed Media
$345 + s/h – Contact Jennifer for Purchase

will be on display:

September 9 – October 31



Helping businesses make better, faster
energy-related decisions.

1965 N. 57th Ct, Boulder CO


Cans One
“Cans One” ©Jennifer Ressmann 2009

My Recycling Photography

This series is of 11 x 14 Photgraphs
of recycled packaging and abstracts
$42 ea. + s/h –  Contact Jennifer for Purchase

will be on display in two locations:

October  through December


Coal Creek Physical Therapy
315 S. Boulder Rd
#100, Louisville


North Boulder Physical Therapy
3000 Center Green
Dr., #110, Boulder

If you stop by and see the show I’d love to hear how you liked it! And, thanks for visiting!


5 thoughts on “Art Show Prep

  1. Everything looks really great: would love to be able to come along to your shows….
    I had a mailing list book at my recent show: so that anyone wanting to be added to my mailing list can jot down the name & email address. I plan to do it everytime I have a show!

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