Picking Up Trash

Can you believe all the trash I find on walks! Holy Cow – this is where I live. We should all be embarrassed!

Trash On Walks

Trash On Walks

At the same time, so exciting! It’s going to be so fun to play with all the goodies. I’ve started a little bowl to hold the my finds. I collect it in my pockets and toss it all in here when I get back. Soon (or later) to become something pretty again.

Trash From My Walks

Trash From My Walks


4 thoughts on “Picking Up Trash

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    this is too funny!! We have so much in common, really cool πŸ™‚ I do the exact same thing, picking up stuff I find and squeezing them into my pockets, L O V E it! Or dragging furniture from two blocks away along the street to our house. Or interesting looking rots, branches, seeds or stones.. I pick up everything, lol.

    I just cleaned one of my closets, unbelievable what I found in there. I had to throw some of it away but I know next week I will need it for sure!

    So what’s the plan with your treasures?

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Hi Franziska

      ha! yes, yes! Used to love to drag home furniture and treasures from peoples curbs! oh, those were the days living in the city. (and, yes, I still have a couple of those pieces)

      It used to drive my husband crazy touching trash! He stays home on my walks now. πŸ™‚

      I am doing a big purge this summer, too! Amazing what you collect over time. I also tend to simply like containers – crazy, but I’m also recycling/donating baskets and bins and doing a lot of consolidating. (before the stuff takes over)

      I would really like to incorporate the metal findings into some jewelry and the paper stuff will be worked into my paintings. It’s a good thing to be cleanin’ up the world, but I better start using that stuff up, too!

  2. Well, you sure know how to arrange trash in a lovely way. Actually that’s some good lookin trash! Way better than what’s in my neighborhood!

    • Hey Woman!

      Thank you. It’s pretty huh? Of course I don’t have time to pick it all up – though I got some! I’ve considered starting a group in the neighborhood to pick up trash a couple of times a year. (Not sure when to fit that it – and I might be the only one out there anyway – ha!) πŸ™‚

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