Ta da!!

The Shelves are all Painted! Hurray!

The project took just a little longer than predicted, but not much. After going through our stash of paint, I found a gallon that matched the walls! Thought that was handy so I went with it. It kind-of looks built in. (maybe if you squint) I cut in the edges with a brush and rolled with a smooth roller. Next time I would brush the whole thing. The brush didn’t leave a lot of marks and covers better. The rolling seemed never ending. Painting light over dark, even with primer, can often be endless.

Wooden Shelves Painted

Wooden Shelves Painted!


Wooden Shelves Painted

Wooden Shelves Painted!


Recycling, by using what you have, is always important… Saves time, money and resources.


Recycled Paint Paper

Recycled Paint Paper


Glad we’d had chicken the night before. We didn’t have any regular paint trays around. This was very handy! I’ll keep using it until it breaks.


Recycled Paint Tray

Recycled Paint Tray


So, I put a lot of stuff “away” just to get it off the floor. Most of these boxes are empty and waiting form me to paper mache them. I also lightly painted the boxes already paper mached – and I like the look. The idea is to make the area(s) look clean and tidy – so this still needs work. But, we’re on our way.

Wooden Shelves Stuffed

Wooden Shelves Stuffed


And, what is that on the other side of the room!!?? Looks like a mess and … another set of shelves!! They will have to wait for their paint job until the fall. Looking forward to having them cleaned up, too!


Wooden Shelves Two

Wooden Shelves Two - ahhh!!!




4 thoughts on “Ta da!!

  1. What a difference paint makes – I know it’s a bummer to paint shelves like that – I’ve been doing it myself & I hate it. BUT … the result is so worth it. I like that you’ve shown that you have yet another shelf to do. That’s the reality. Ugh. Do-it-yourselfing is never ending, but I just keep thinking how fab it will all be when it’s done.

    • Hi Deb

      Boy, ya know like a million little shelves! Yes, so very worth it. And, we almost always do our own house repairs and fix ups – yes, never ending! And, very rewarding at the same time. (it took me almost 5 years to scape, caulk and paint our house – ha! crazy! Glad that one’s done for a while!)

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