Shelving Redo

Paint it up in one weekend! It’s so much better than cheapo!

We looked and looked for shelves to fit in this odd little area in our hallway. You can see in the 2nd picture how shallow the area is. 11 inches! It took many hours over 3 or 4 months on Craigs List, 3 visits to see shelves that didn’t quite work, and then… we found these! (imagine angelic singing and lights!)

They are exactly what I wanted. Exactly!

  1. The cubby look – it’s everywhere, but I still like it.
  2. Real Wood – wow, that was a toughy. Real wood. I really wanted a piece I could have a long time. ehem, not laminant.
  3. Reasonably priced – 100 bucks! Great deal. (um, he wouldn’t take any less)
  4. It fits the space!

I was starting to think my shelving idea was a pipe dream.  I was really really ready to toss in the towel. It meant I would have to skimp on one of the qualifications above, but I was really tired of it. I thought I can “wait for Ikea to be built and get something there.” Sure, who cares! (It opened last Thursday) Glad I didn’t wait cuz they finally appeared. We dropped everything and ran across town, practically spent all day to make it happen. And, I’m so stinkin’ happy! Yeay!!

So, that was this Spring and I’ve been waiting for a chance to paint them up. It’s been so rainy – I wanted to wait until I could leave the windows open for ventilation and I also needed a block of time so I could start and finish in a few days.

Here she is ready to get some sprucing up… pretty, but dark and I’m not an oaky kind of girl. Let’s Make It White – should be my mantra!

Wooden Shelves

Dark Wooden Shelves

Dark Wooden Shelves

Dark Wooden Shelves - Look at that shallow space!

It’s really lightened up the area already with just a coat of primer. This unit is very heavy and took 3 guys to bring it a short trip. (again, nice furniture!) So, it’s not moving from this spot. Thusly, I didn’t sand it cuz it’s indoors and really didn’t want the mess, and I brushed it – so, it took 3 hours to paint. Listened to some lovely new tunes and I’m so excited!!

Wooden Shelves Primed

Wooden Shelves Primed

Wooden Shelves Primed

Wooden Shelves Primed

I will run and get some paint – something off white. Maybe I can even match the wall so it looks more built-in.

I’ve also stared making some boxes. What was I thinking! ha – 20 paper mache boxes! Well, that project might take a while. But, I could never find the right size boxes. And, the ones from the store are just cheap cardboard wrapped in more cheap cloth. “Cheap” is getting kinda old. Recycle, Upcycle and Buy from artisans. So much better than cheapo!

Ta Da! Here they are finished!


3 thoughts on “Shelving Redo

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    this looks like something I would have done, too! It’s perfect and worth the waiting. Love the paper-maché boxes -I just made similar ones. I went to the local Asian grocery store and took some of their free Chinese magazines and used those for the boxes..

    Glad you are happy with your new shelf unit, I think it looks very nice,

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

    • Thanks Franziska!

      Ya know, every time I’d walk by them it I’d think – I really want to paint those, I really want to paint those. So excited to have them done!

      Fun with the Chinese magazines – good idea.
      – Jennifer

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