Organizing My Desk!

When your in box looks like this…

In Box

In Box Mess

Get this helpful book….

Getting Things Done, Dave Allen

"Getting Things Done", Dave Allen

And, your desk can look like this…

Clean Desk

Clean Desk - Hallelujah!

I have one more in-box to tackle this week and then my life is completely reformed! Excellent! (ha! never to have 2 in boxes again!) I have also cleaned everything off my old beast of a computer and am getting that out of the office. I am hoping I can donate it – or at least the screen. Yeay! What a feeling – I highly recommend it.

Honestly, the “mess” was really holding me back. The stuff is always on your mind and bugging you. Really not freeing at all. But, how to organize it so it’s functional? Get the book – it was really helpful. I read a post on Lisa Calls blog that inspired me. I also belong to The Artist Conspiracy Group, that provided some initiative, too!

Next on the office agenda is to coordinate the blog and website to look uniform. I think it’s fun to do, but, I really need to get into the studio and make some stuff. Someday I will need an office manager. Ahhh, office manager. Lovely!


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