Ever hit one of these?

Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Well, really – that’s some brick trim from around our house. But, it’s meant to represent what I’ve been running into for the last couple of weeks. 🙂

It started with some rejection, followed by another blow off, then the flu – which just dragged on, then an enormous amount of catch up. Whew! I really hit it and kind of just hung out there – at my brick wall. It was warm and cozy after a while and even with the headache I found myself just watchin’ the world go by from my little piece of it. And, I’ll admit, there was some whining.

Well! No more. The wall is now in sun all day, and dang hot. Besides, it just all looks the same from there and I’m ready to move on…

The rejection I got at the beginning of the summer, was more like a blow off. Not everyone seems to take art as seriously as some of us. 🙂 So, while I was given the opportunity to hang my work in a number of places all at once – they all fell through at the last minute, then I got the flu and really didn’t care. But, it’s a lot of work to get ready and then just be hangin’ around. I think I will still do something special to show off some of my pieces – plus, I wanna do a give away! It’s time!

I also have a few shows to get ready for that come up later in the summer.

Hanging Hoop Jewelry

Hanging Hoop Jewelry, © Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

And, my lovely necklaces are really a big hit! I showed one friend and from that 6 of her friends and family are now wearing them! So darn cool! If you haven’t seen them yet, please take a look see at my etsy store – The Red Hen Recyclery and I have a post about them over here.

How’s your summer going! Hope you’re hitting the beach or the hills and not a rough and gritty brick wall!


6 thoughts on “Ever hit one of these?

  1. that wall looks painful.
    i’m glad you are crawling back to life….sorry about the ‘rejection’ and things falling thru, of course we know in hindsight there will be a good reason for it. right? 🙂
    congrats on the hit necklaces!

    • Thanks Paula! Whew – glad to be back. Yah know the rejections and blow offs happen sometimes. I used to get really upset as a young artist – not so much anymore. Just, kinda like.. Next! A thicker skin might be the good reason?

      Thanks for the congrats. I’m just tickled.

      Hope you’re well! Jennifer

  2. Glad to hear the wall is not so cozy anymore. Time to get away from that and move on. That was rough to count on showing your work then have it fall through. More exciting times are ahead!

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