New Necklaces, New Home

I just started a new line of jewelry this month. I’m so excited!

It all started with a bag of old wire hangers given to me by a friend. They sat around for maybe a year…what will I make with those? hmm, what, what? **Note the bag – toilet paper bags are useful for a lot of different things.

Recycled Wire Hangers

Recycled Wire Hangers

And then it came to me last month. So, I set up a little work station and “hammered” out a few ideas.

Jewelry Work Station

Jewelry Work Station, Jennifer Ressmann

That’s how these came about… Each necklace is unique and handmade.

Hanging Hoop Jewelry

Hanging Hoop Jewelry, © Jennifer Ressmann, 2011

And, the first set is off to their new home… I’m so excited!

Please, come and see the limited edition collection on my Website! You can get a closer view of them there as well.

Thanks everyone! – Jennifer


4 thoughts on “New Necklaces, New Home

  1. Nice! I saw them on Etsy and couldn’t figure out what the material is. Still don’t know what hangers are made of, but now I know what the pendants are. Hope you sell out, Jennifer!

    • Hi Jana – Thanks for stopping by – hangers are wire hangers. You know – the things you hang clothes from? 🙂 Yea those! Take a look at my post from today – June 2nd – it tells a little about them. Happy Summer to ya!

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