Have you seen this Series?

A little while ago I completed a set of Abstract Paintings and I’m excited to introduce them to you!!

The title of the series is “What-They-Say”. Each piece mentions topics or ideas I find interesting and I hope you will, too.
At the same time these paintings are colorful and playful and ready to hang right on your wall!

This series is painted in Acrylic with Recycled Trashy Bits on 4″ x 6″ triple gessoed cardboard.

Hope you Enjoy!!

"Insecurities" © Jennifer Ressmann, 2010
“Insecurities” © Jennifer Ressmann, 2010

Titled: “Insecurities”

Story: You know, we’ve all got them – we’re human after all: Will it work? Will they like me? Will I be good enough? Can I do it?! Maybe this is what connects us? The vulnerabilities are what make us human, keep us human. Not robots. This colorful painting is one of my favorites!

Size & Materials: This Painting is 4″x 6″ in size, acrylic and trashy-recycled-paper-bits collaged in, on triple gessoed cardboard. It is framed in a recycled cigar box with a recycled file folder insert as the background. The hanger is wire and ready to hang right on your wall!

Info: Each is an original painting. It arrives signed and includes a certificate of authenticity.

**Please note, each cigar box is different and will look a little different than this one in the photo – but very similar. And, everyone’s computer screen shows images differently. But, I know you will be pleased and enjoy your painting! Please contact me with any questions.

A Closer View for you…

“Insecurities” ©, Jennifer Ressmann 2010

$78 + US Shipping


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