Getting Stuff Done – Repeatedly!

How do you keep it all moving smoothly?

I like to have systems and habits to get the work done – around the house and in the studio. (I even like to think about how to make up new systems to make life more efficient, ya – geeky.)

Organization Job Cards - Jenn Ressmann

Organization Job Cards - Jenn Ressmann

One of my systems is a card stack of jobs. Tasks that you do often can be written on a card and stored in a drawer or cabinet and pulled out as your reminder. Just lay it out on the counter – and it’s sitting there to remind you – until you put it away. I learned this system from a close family member and it works really really really great!

The cards are left over stock. I cut it up into business card size pieces for jotting down notes, making little lists for the store, and making these job cards.

The look could use a good makeover – not very pretty – but, get’s the job done. And, I just stash them in a little area of a kitchen drawer – but a little decorated box would be great!

** I made some up for you to download if you’d like. They are a pdf and you can print and cut out of old stock or paper of your choice!

Do It Job Cards (PDF download)


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