Recycled Cardboard Welcome Sign!

Welcome – my blog has taken on a new look and I’d like to greet you with a lovely cardboard welcome sign.

Cardboard can really be handy for all types of projects and this one is great fun!

  • Cut out your cardboard to any size you like – I chose a narrow rectangle
  • Paint a pretty picture, maybe a nice birdy, on it and the word Welcome – any of this can be traced, too
  • Add a hanger to the back for easy hanging, like this…


Welcome Sign Hanger

And, Tah, Da!

Welcome Sign Hung - Up

Notice in the first picture, the edges are uneven and jagged – yep, I like that. I cut it freehand to give it that look.

Try one yourself!



2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I love your new birdie welcome sign. 🙂 So cute. I have been thinking about toying around with cardboard too. Fun! We are going to have our kids collect garbage and make art with it this afternoon. It will be funto see what they create!

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