Recycling in Colorado

Well, it’s sad to see a good bill not make it.



"Celebrate" ©2001 Jennifer Ressmann


Some school children, in Colorado, posed a wonderful bill to help recycling efforts and make some money for Colorado Schools. “The  HB 1247 Bill would have mandated a 5 cent per bottle refundable deposit on the majority of glass or plastic bottles purchased in the state. The deposits not recovered by bottle purchasers would have essentially been split between administrative costs of the program and education.”

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Sounds good. But, some politicians only know how to focus on the small portion of the bill that might be unsavory. Maybe it would cause people to drive here to return mass quantities of bottles and the initial cost to implement the change could be too much. Give me a break – why not encourage the virtues of the project instead of focusing on the small what-if’s that might happen. I don’t stop driving my car – though there are plenty of reasons that could hinder my use of an automobile and driving. There are plenty of reasons not to do things in life – this bill could help reduce waste and raise some money at the same time.

Many states and countries around the world have this “Bottle Bill” working for them. It’s time we get on board!


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