Instead of Socializing… I’ve Been Reading

There are so many good books out there. I really wanted to take some time to read. Often, I have enough time to read a little here and there, maybe a magazine, but a whole book in under a year – unheard of. I’d like to incorporate this into my life more – I read pretty fast and I love to read, but sometimes I wonder about a speed reading class? I have a family member that learned speed reading in school a long time ago and it’s one of her favorite school-time skills. You know, like typing! Boy, that was a good one.

So, here are a few books I recommend…

While I am a pretty organized person already, I found one or two ideas I liked. If you’re looking to get more organized this might be the book for you – it was easy to ready and fun. Stever also has a good podcast.

Stever Robins

Get It Done Guy - 9 Steps To Work Less and Do More

Ok, so this book you can probably breeze through. It’s something for the beginning digital photographer, and as a beginning Photo Instructor, I like to recommend it in my classes. Good tips and very easy to get through.

40 Digital Photography Techniques

This is the big book I took 6 weeks to finish: Understanding Digital Cameras, by Jon Tarrant. It’s about 350 pages of really good info. Some of it reads like a text-book, especially the end 3 chapters on sensors, optical and color details. Still, very interesting – an advanced book for Photographers – if you’re heading in that direction I highly recommend it. Take some time with it, take a lot of notes. It’s full of good info. Oh, and break it up if you need to. 15 pages a day or something.

Understanding Digital Cameras

And, the book I am in the middle of, and am enjoying – “Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest”. I’m not sure it beats having a physical coach on your side, but I do think it has some good info. And, actually one thought and quote from the beginning of the book caught my attention: The coach isn’t trying to fix you, you’re “already perfect” and you choose to change the behaviors that you don’t like. The coach is the cheerleader and the supporter – (who doesn’t need more of that!) – “We are not in this world to compete with each other but to complete each other.”  Brilliant. (But, does she know I grew up in America?)  It’s an interesting read, I am half way through.

Leverage Your Best, Ditch the Rest

And, the next one on my list… The Artist Guide to Grant Writing. I hear it’s pretty good.

The Artist Guide to Grant Writing

Hope you can carve out some reading time – it’s one of the best ways to learn! Maybe take a month off from Socializing or watching the Boob Tube?!

Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Instead of Socializing… I’ve Been Reading

  1. Looks like I’m going to be making a pit stop at my neighborhood library, eh? interesting stuff–especially the digital camera angle. Here be my recommendation: Ode to an Orange, a short essay by Larry Woiwode.

    • Hello Brian

      You know – I don’t take enough time to read for the pure enjoyment of reading – but I try to sneak more of that in during the summer time. I will put this one on my list. It looks like Larry Woiwode has written a lot of interesting essays and books. Thanks for the suggestion!

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