Film Showing this Weekend!

A Shout-Out for a Film Showing in Boulder, CO.

The full schedule is at:

Boulder International Film Festival and you can view trailers on the site.

One Thousand Pictures: RFKs Last Journey
Boulder Public Library
** Saturday, February 19, 5pm **
Scotland, Feature Documentary, 2009, 38 min

In the early afternoon of June 8 1968, following a funeral mass in St Patricks Cathedral, New York, the Kennedy family and their guests boarded a train at Penn Station to take the body of Robert F Kennedy back to Washington to bury him next to his brother, John. What had not been anticipated were the thousands of people who lined the route to pay their respects to the Senator and who were captured by the camera of Magnum photographer Paul Fusco, who was on the train. One Thousand Pictures tells the story of that journey and of America at the time through some of the people who were there and in the pictures, which in turn provide an extraordinary portrait of 1960s America. What characterizes those people whether they crowded the station platforms or were seen singly in the countryside, was their heterogeneity. They were drawn form all classes and races: young, old, black, white, down at heel., rich, anti-war protester and veteran. As the man whose job it was to organize the funeral train, recalls his Frank Mankiewitz, RFK’s press secretary, describes his own memories of the day as well as the state of the country at that time. RFK, himself a relatively youthful politician, in entering the race late had embodied a feeling in the sixties that with enough energy, passion and idealism, anything was possible, that change could happen, that there was hope. The assassination or RFK, just two months after the equally tragic assassination of Martin Luther King, could in many ways be said to have signaled the death of the sixties. Even at the time people said that the nation did not have enough grief to cope and talked about the end of hope.

Directed by Jennifer Stoddart
Boulder Premiere


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