Been Gettin’ Organized & Reading

A few times a year, we all need to get organized. It’s one of those times. I have been working hard, hard, hard.

Jennifer Ressmann Organizing Work

Jennifer Ressmann - Organizing Work

I’ve been updating my catalog of work, updating my image files – which is a daunting task. I take endless amounts of photos – of course – and sometimes the work piles up. And, I am in the middle of updating my website. Everything is almost all caught up. Which is good, because Tax Season is just around the corner. 🙂

I also have a goal to learn a lot this year – expanding my knowledge of digital photography and painting. As well as art as a profession. I have been an artist for a long time, but there is always learnin’ to do. So, that means sticking to a reading regimen instead of just reading for leisure as well as scheduling time to catch some workshops. My reading regimen consists of sticking to one book – which is incredibly hard for me, I love to read and books are like candy – hard to stick to just one when they are sitting here in a stack. So, sticking to one book – I read a certain amount of pages per day to get through it in a certain amount of time – usually by the time I need to return it to the library.

An acquaintance is also interested in a piece for her office – so, I am working on a little presentation for her.

I also took down my show at the Louisville Public Library and am working on putting it up in another location. It’s been a busy month! How exciting!


3 thoughts on “Been Gettin’ Organized & Reading

  1. Jennifer, I love starting a new year for all these same reasons. It feels like a whole 365 days to get it right once again.

    Learning is the best part of being an artist, isn’t it? It never stops.

    Good luck with your presentation!

  2. Hi Martha!

    You know – it still seems like the new year – getting everything organized and goals set. I hope to have it all wrapped up by the end of the month, but it’s fun to have it all tidy.

    Thanks – it’s nice to hear from you – I haven’t had much time to say hello in the past couple of weeks. Hope you’re well.

    🙂 Jennifer

  3. Thanks, Jennifer – things are great. Don’t ever worry about that. Our first priority is the art, then we connect when we can.

    I still consider it the new year too. Haven’t given up on taming it yet! 😉

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