New Work

Remember these? Well, I’ve got some new collage paintings in the works! After looking over my “Ideas Notebook” I found an idea I wanted to pursue. Then after a bunch of research, I decided to do something else. Then after the first painting, well, I changed again. Yep, it happens. Finally deciding on a topic, and, again working with trashy bits, I wanted to focus on subjects of the day. Signs-of-the-Times one could call ’em. More to come on this next time.

So, the first collage painting was a warm up. You can see, the canvas in the last shot has a bit of a bend – at the lower left of the canvas.  So I decide to use it as a warm-up to the series. I liked a lot of the textures and shapes going on – so I will continue exploring these throughout the series. Below are some pictures of the procedure. Most are the beginning and the end. Next time I will take more from the middle of the process – ya get so wrapped up in the work, I didn’t even remember to bring out the camera.

In the first images you’ll see collage and texture materials added: some old ratty tissue paper from the holidays, tea bag papers, a receipt found in my front yard, and some torn up maps that would have wound up in the recycle bin. Fun.

Ressmann Painting Prep

Adding Texture and Collage Materials

Ressmann Painting Prep

Painting Prep

Beginning of Painting

Beginning of Painting

Final Ressmann Painting

Final Painting - "Garrulous" © Jennifer Ressmann, 2010 - 12" x 36"

More to come – thanks for visiting!


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