Studio has a New View

Jenn’s on the move!! I have set up shop on the other side of the house.

For a long time I worked in a small back bedroom in our house. I spent 10 wonderful years working in there. It was my own little nook. The room had pretty good storage, it was older so I could just tack stuff up on the wall or hang stuff from the ceiling without worrying about marring the surfaces, it had a nice little built in counter top/shelf area. It was smaller, but it was cozy. It was great. However, it was just getting to be too small – whew can ya tell? And, I want to work on larger pieces and I want to work more. So – the new space will be a good catalyst for that.

The old space…

old work room - whew!

And, My New Studio Space! yeay!…

The new space will give me a lot more room to work, put up an easel for painting and have a little seating and display area.

New Studio Space

New Studio Space

New Studio Space

New Studio Space

some storage

And, Remember the Photo Give Away!

While I’ve been shaking things up – the contest to win a print from my current Recycling Photography Series Show is still running – through the end of the month! Please view the post before this one (down below) for more info. Would love to hear from everyone and hope you can check out the show!


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