New Canvas! New Canvas!

Do I need to say more? I squealed a little and jumped up like a little girl. This is my first set of deep profile canvas. And, what a lovely size – 12 x 30! I am going to try and savor them. I don’t want to hold back, but I don’t want to paint them all up in a weeks time, either! Fun!!

Box O'Canvas!

Box O'Canvas!

New Canvas 12x30

New Canvas 12x30!

New Canvas 12x30

Look at that Great Profile!

* Also, I would like to note how great Dick Blick is. One of the packages has a canvas that is cut poorly – it’s a weird shape. They are replacing it at no charge. How great are they! Thank you Dick Blick.


2 thoughts on “New Canvas! New Canvas!

    • Hi Heather!
      Don’t ya love new supplies? (sometimes I think a great gallery show would just be supplies hanging on the wall – all pretty)
      I’m looking forward to painting ’em up – lots of ideas swirling around!
      Enjoy your holiday season!

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